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Barrett Enterprises Inc. Innovative Heating & Cooling Alternatives is a full service Green Cooling & Heating Store that can provide all needed accessories from heat exchangers, insulated water pipe, sharkbite fittings, the Barrier under concrete insulation for your pad or Radiant Slab, MicroFoil Reflective Foam Radiant Barrier for infloor radiant heating, to hyrdronic wall mounted radiators. We ship all products factory direct to save the consumers money and save energy. We don't believe in wasting energy by double trucking to warehouses only to sit there until you are ready to purchase.

Water to water heat exchangers to go into existing boilers, hot water heaters, hydronic systems, snow melts etc They are sized according to needs from domestic hot water tanks to heating laundry mats.

Water to Water Heat Exchangers

10 Plate60,000 BTUFor domestic hot water heater
20 Plate100,000 BTU 
30 Plate150,000 BTU 
40 Plate200,000 BTUFor average size home
50 Plate280,000 BTU 
60 Plate360,000 BTU 
70 Plate380,000 BTU 
80 Plate400,000 BTU 
Water to Water Heat Exchangers

Water to Air Heat Exchangers - RADS

THESE are for Existing hot air systems

12x1269,000 BTU
12x18103,000 BTU
16x16119,000 BTU
16x18142,000 BTU
18x18158,000 BTU
18x20175,000 BTU
19x20183,000 BTU
20x20188,000 BTU
22x22228,000 BTU
22x25262,000 BTU
24x24279,000 BTU
Water to Air Heat Exchangers

Tube and Shell Water to Water Heat Exchangers

For Heating Pools and Hot Tubs Call for more sizes

80,000 BTU
100,000 BTU
120,000 BTU
220,000 BTU
Tube and Shell Heat Exchangers

Modine hanging units with fan

40,000 BTU
100,000 BTU
150,000 BTU
200,000 BTU
Madine Hanging Unit Heat Exchanger

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What a great investment. No longer do I have to drag my wood into the basement. No more running up and down the steps to load a wood furnace 4 times a day. No more smoke in the house. No more house that seems either too hot or cold. My new wood furnace sits out beside my wood shed which eleminates handling the wood as often, plus I do not need to cut my peices of wood as small anymore since I can take up to a 4 foot peice. I load the stove in the morning on the way to work, and in the evening after dinner.


All installation and operation must follow Federal, Provincial, State and local codes.

Do Not consider outdoor wood furnaces other than smokeless models for built up urban areas.

Do Not Operate under Pressure.

All electrical and plumbing should be done by qualified personnel and conform to national and local building, electrical and plumbing codes.

Manufacturer is not liable for damages to personnel or property for misuse, improper installation of equipment or for knowing local installation codes.

Owner assumes all responsibility for this.

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