Window Glass

The 2 Very Different Ways You Can Tint Glass

When you think about tinted windows you obviously imagine darkened panes of glass. But have you ever considered how the glass is made darker and were you aware that there was more than one way to do it? The two most common ways in which we can tint our windows is either by applying a film to them or by actually putting a dark pigment inside of it whilst it is made. The latter is known as factory tinting.

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Pressure Washer

Cleaning Your Fireplace with a Pressure Washer

There seems to be no end to the things which you can clean with a pressure washer. However I have read numerous articles online which say that you shouldn’t be cleaning your brick fireplace and chimney with one. The reasoning most people give is that it is extremely messy as you will be potentially forcing the dust and soot out of the fireplace onto the surrounding area.

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