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Wood heat is a renewable resource.

Barrett Enterprises Inc is concerned about the environment, promotes green insulation products and the Green Building products that can reduce your carbon footprint!

We ship Factory Direct to anywhere in the US - Offices in Maine and Florida.

Call us today at: (877) 904 8424

Barrett Enterprises Inc is a factory direct distributor of the best of outdoor wood furnaces so can find the one to best suit your heating needs depending upon where you live and the type of wood you wish to burn. The Shaver units are all available. Many states require Phase 2 white tag EPA qualified units so check your local requirements. Currently EPA Qualified White Tag units are required in ME, NH, VT, NY, MA,MD, PA and IN.

What makes a gasification Outdoor wood furnaces so unique?

What makes a gasification Outdoor wood furnaces so unique? Barrett Enterprises, Inc, is all about Green Products that reduce use on fossil fuels while being environmentally friendly. These Gasification outdoor wood furnaces create less smoke, use less wood while creating more heat. Gasification is a process for burning wood where the gases from the wood are burned at very high temperatures. The term gasifying means that the wood is being superheated and largely turned to wood gas to be burnt. Traditional wood furnaces do not reach high enough temperature to achieve this. Gasification is achieved by drawing the wood gases off using an induction fan and then burning the gases underneath the wood so that much more complete combustion occurs. Downdraft produces extreme heat up to 2000 degrees igniting all gases including smoke and creosote therefore giving almost 100% efficiency!

These units are so clean burning that the Federal Government has qualified them for the Energy Tax Credit.


It will give you:

  • Lower Emissions - Less Smoke !
  • Less wood consumed Burns about 1/2 as much as other outdoor wood furnaces
  • Longer Burn times A true 18 - 24 hour burn
  • Less wood consumed About 50% less wood than other OWHH
  • Higher Efficiency Almost 100% combustion
  • 3/5 inch boiler plate with 20 year pro rated
  • warranty
  • Will produce very steady heat
  • Comes with an ash pan for easy clean out
  • Heats homes, business, radiant slabs, hot water, greenhouses, hot air, hooks to existing systems or for new construction.

If you live in a state that does not currently require an EPA Gasification furnace, the SHAVER models will give you the biggest bang for your buck!

New Products!!

new products
The Crete-Heat�6�4 Insulated Floor Panel System, is an easily assembled modular board green insulation, vapor barrier and radiant tube holding grid that allows for simplied installation of hydronic radiant floor heating systems in basements, garages, main floor slab on grade and above grade installations where concrete or gypcrete is normally used.

MicroFoil�6�4 Reflective Foam Insulation is a thin lightweight, 97% Radiant and 99.995% Vapor Barrier. #1 Reflective foil insulation to use under metal roofs, in attics, walls, and with radiant infloor heating systems. MicroFoil�6�4 is a clean, non-toxic, easy to install, self-taping radiant barrier that provides increased comfort, energy efficiency, and savings.

THE BARRIER�6�4 is the only product on the market that is the ALL-IN-ONE underconcrete EPS insulation product to use. The Barrier�6�4 is the World's finest concrete and radiant under slab insulation by providing vapor and moisture barrier protection in combination with insulation from conduction. It works better, is cost effective, easy to use. It is a vapor/moisture/insulator and radon protector. The Barrier is a rolled foam board insulation of extruded expanded flexible recycled polystyrene foam (EPS).
Call us today for more information regarding these new exciting product lines at (877) 904-8424.
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What a great investment. No longer do I have to drag my wood into the basement. No more running up and down the steps to load a wood furnace 4 times a day. No more smoke in the house. No more house that seems either too hot or cold. My new wood furnace sits out beside my wood shed which eleminates handling the wood as often, plus I do not need to cut my peices of wood as small anymore since I can take up to a 4 foot peice. I load the stove in the morning on the way to work, and in the evening after dinner.


All installation and operation must follow Federal, Provincial, State and local codes. Barrett Enterprises is NOT RESPONSIBLE for knowing every state and local code. Please see EPA where you live website for more info

Do Not consider outdoor wood furnaces other than smokeless models for built up urban areas.

Do Not Operate under Pressure.

All electrical and plumbing should be done by qualified personnel and conform to national and local building, electrical and plumbing codes.

Manufacturer is not liable for damages to personnel or property for misuse, improper installation of equipment or for knowing local installation codes.

Owner assumes all responsibility for this.

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